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 Lennon-Seney United Methodist Church

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The Church Council


Committee Member

Church Council/Administrative Board Chair

Marjorie Spears

Lay Leader

Howard Hollingsworth

PPR Chair or Representative

Gaye Delaney

Finance Chair or Representative

Jarenda Perry Goodman or Frederick Evans

Trustees Chair or Representative

Brenda Beverly

Church Treasurer

Diana Galloway

A Lay Member to Annual Conference

Gaye Delaney

United Methodist Women President or Rep.

Marjorie Spears

United Methodist Men President or Rep.

Howard Hollingsworth

United Methodist Youth Representative

Cedric Washington


Angela Hardy-Cross

Children’s Ministries Coordinator

Sunday School Department

Youth Ministries Coordinator

Christy Bennett—Junior High

Patrice Deathridge—Senior High

Adult Ministries Coordinator

Joe & Debra  Winston


Couples Ministries


Youth Adult Ministries Coordinator

Sunday School Department

Older Adult Ministries Coordinator

Elaine Williamson

Scouting Coordinator(s)

Christy Bennett

Georzina Washington

Education Chair

Anna Dirl

Evangelism/Missions Coordinators

Gary Johnson/Martin & Nikki Roberson

Worship Chair

Joyce Kimbrough Perry

Prayer Advocacy Chair

Barbara Nero

Communications Coordinator


Sunday School Superintendent

Avis Andrews-Gary

Health & Welfare Coordinator

Janice Deathridge                          


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