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Lennon-Seney United Methodist church

History of LSUMC

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Adam E. McKee, III (2003 - 2009)

Dr. Adam E. McKee and his family became a part of the Lennon-Seney church family in June 2003. Immediately, Adam, Charlotte, and Chelsea demonstrated that they were excited about the challenges and opportunities of service at Lennon-Seney. Rev. McKee strongly believed that the church is called to minister to “the least of these.” He was involved in the community and serves on a variety of district and conference wide committees.

Dr. McKee’s parish ministry has focused on community outreach, pastoral care and visitation,



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inclusion of the youth and church spiritual growth. A few pastoral initiatives included creation of a missions committee, laity involvement in the worship experience and the formation of a partnership with the Emerald Youth Foundation. In addition, new ministries were formed which included a Youth Choir, Men of Praise Choir, and Wednesday evening Bible Study Closet. A major highlight was the Men of Praise’s appearance at the annual conference and the release of their first CD recording. Women’s Day, Youth Day, and Men’s Day activities were highly successful endeavors.


Dr. McKee was appointed Superintendent of the Oak Ridge District in 2009.


Angela M. Hardy-Cross (2009 - present)

Rev. Dr. Angela Hardy Cross began her tenure as Pastor of Lennon-Seney United Methodist Church in June 2009. Pastor Cross’s mission for Lennon-Seney is that we are here to offer people Christ, be faithful in our stewardship and glorify God. One of the first things she did was to conduct a survey to find out what our members has a passion for and what their gifts and talents were. The Lennon-Seney Community Garden became reality under her guidance and leadership. Pastor Cross continues to minister at Lennon-Seney through worship services, Bible Study, Sunday School, visiting the sick and state correctional facilities, Thomas Dixon Mission, Jesus in the Park, Just Lead, and the community. She emphasizes that all of us should live a life that is a Witness to the World through the following steps: Salvation—giving our hearts to Jesus Christ; Discipleship— learning about Jesus/Being a student; Witness—tell what we have learned about Jesus; and Lordship—complete surrender to Jesus Christ.

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