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What does being a member mean?

It means joining a global community of women— nearly 800,000 strong—who are committed to the same purpose and have a compassion to change the world around them.

Any woman who commit herself to the Purpose of United Methodist Women and to engage in mission, study, personal growth and social action can join. You don’t have to be a United Methodist or meet an age requirement to be a member.


How do I join?

It’s easy to become a member of United Methodist Women, just talk to someone you know who is already a member of the organization.

If you don’t know a woman who is already a member, you can contact the President of the Lennon-Seney Chapter via mail:

 Mrs. Marjorie Spears

2084 Dandridge Avenue

 Knoxville, Tennessee 37915


to learn how you can join this fine organization of women.












UMW 2012 Calendar of Events


16 Regular meeting



20 Regular meeting

— Call to Prayer— Mentees

Food Fest






















Lennon-Seney UMW 2011 Calendar of Events

Regular meeting—3rd Saturday each month 11:00 AM—Executive Committee meetings Tuesday before the 3rd Saturday each month 5:00 PM